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Rachel Jones 1
Chapter 1

Edward: 15471553
The flawed legacy of Henry VIII

Factional Rivalry:

Earl of Hertford and his faction were determined to be in control after Henry's death
Benefited from:
o Weakening of their opponents through the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Surrey's treason
o Control…

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Rachel Jones 2
Chapter 1

Took control of the Privy Council through Sir Michael Stanhope
o They felt resentment at the protectorate led to Southampton's arrest
Fear that the public would not like the protectorate Homily on Obedience

Factional Rivalry

First victim was Thomas Seymour
o Promoted to Lord Admiral…

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Rachel Jones 3
Chapter 1

Somerset's own shortcomings

Personal style of leadership Privy Council bypassed
o Caused resentment among Privy Councillors (Warwick/Paget)
o Own set of advisors William Cecil
Inability to act decisively against the rebels in both East Anglia and the South West giving his enemies the
opportunity to…

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Rachel Jones 4
Chapter 1

into a
ban on
n, and
he had
o Most
es hid

July 1547 Injunctions issued Reflected radical Attacked many
Eamon Duffy `a attitudes within features of…

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Rachel Jones 5
Chapter 1

December 1547 Dissolution of chantries Crown needed money Chantries, guilds and
to pay for expensive lay brotherhoods
foreign policy abolished and their
property seized by
Crown further
attack on popular
Belief in
purgatory had
ceased to be
official doctrine
so seemed like
a logical…

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Rachel Jones 6
Chapter 1

The causes of the rebellions


Widespread resentment of the attack on popular religious practices.
o Wanted a reversal of the Reformation
Resentful of Protector Somerset's sheep tax
o Made worse through implementation by insensitive local officials
Duffy: `class antagonism'

East Anglia

Widespread discontent at…

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Rachel Jones 7
Chapter 1

Reasons for his downfall:

Arrogant and dictatorial manner created enemies
o Earl of Southampton, conservative, opposed him even after being reinstated into the Council
His style of government and policy failures weakened him
o Policies provoked rebellion (Western)/encouraged it (Kett's)
o Country was in financial…

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Rachel Jones 8
Chapter 1

Stability in finance

He brought an end to the wars against Scotland and France
o Not only ensured a reduction in Crown expenditure
o Brought in £133,333 as a French payment for the return of Boulogne
Debased the coinage once, then stopped
Crown income improved…

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Rachel Jones 9
Chapter 1

o She moved to Framlingham
Northumberland did two things and both misfired:
o Northumberland took command of troops
o Naval squadron was sent to sea off Great Yarmouth to intercept Mary if she attempted to escape by
o Northumberland went to the area which…

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Rachel Jones 10
Chapter 1

Changes introduced by the
revised Book of Common
Prayer 1552
Key Change Reason for Change Significance of Change
Removal of remaining No longer fitted in with the Conservatives could no longer
`conservative' ceremonies regime's religious radicalism find anything in the prayer book
which they could…


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