History A Level AQA Henry 7th Notes

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·       Used Parliament for legitimacy

·       Summoned parliament 5 times in his first 10years.

·       Exclusion of Rivals, Acts of attainder.

·       1490’s – 1509 Parliament met rarely

·       “NEW MONARCHY” with emphasis on financial independence for the crown.

·       Treaty of etaples.

·       Rebellion: Cornish (1497) and another in 1489 (Yorkshire)

·       Crown lands and Trade

·       Confiscation of land when nobles die

·       Acts of attainders

·       Star chamber


The international community:

France – recovering from period of weakness

Brittany – independent AT FIRST

Calais – owned by us

Spain (2 main parts – Castile and Aragon) – united at the end of 1400s cos of marriage Isabella and Ferdinand


Important cos:

-          Bible in Latin – only they could read it

-          Performed marriages

-          And baptisms

-          And unction (anointing the sick)


Important cos:

-          Ppl were rlly religious – church door to heaven

-          Handled political and religious matters

-          Most ppl visited – fear of hell

Support visible cos:

-          Found in like every village

-          Ppl raised money for it (LOTS)

Under pressure cos:

-          Corruption

-          Priests not sticking to the religion – (bad mannered, gambling)

-          War being taken too lightly by bishops

Anticlericalism: criticism of the personnel in the church

Heresy: to question church teachings or beliefs

Pluralism: hold a number of church jobs

Absenteeism: those who held church jobs were not resident in those locations to carry out the jobs

Celibacy: promise not to engage in sexual activity (taken when becoming a priest, monk or nun)

Bishopric: area under control of the church

War of the Roses : series of civil wars for control of the throne

      House of York vs House of Lancaster – lasted 30 yrs

      Henry (Lancastarian) married Elizabeth (York) – ended the war of the roses  

Henry 7th Claim to the throne:

Battle of Bosworth:

Why H won + R Lost:

-          R couldn’t count on the loyalty of his own commanders (Stanley lot)

-          R caught by surprise

-          Earl of Northumberland did nowt

-          R DIED!!

After BofB


-          Only child so no family rivalry

-          Proved to be a successful leader and soldier

-          Adult

-          Welsh origins and yrs of exile meant he didn’t have many personal enemies of high status

-          Land returned to throne – noble heirs had died


-          Claim was weak

-          Edward IV sister (Elizabeth) – her sons had a stronger claim – dad was duke of Suffolk

-          Margaret of Burgundy (Edwards other sister) – married to Duke of Burgundy – important trading partner with England (powerful figure)

Showed support for Yorkists against Henry

Consolidation and Securing:

-          Married Elizabeth of York (pretty much eliminated the threat of the…


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