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Criticisms of non-fatal offences:

There are many criticisms on the laws of non-fatal offences but there are also reforms put in place to
try and rectify these issues.

One criticism is that there is no statutory definition for assault and battery definitions that are
available are in a statute…

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much protection) s.72 2008 act states V can't judge nicety of amount of force necessary (so rule of
reasonable amount of force is flawed if there's no true measure to judge what it is)


LC 2006 rejected idea to make new partial defence. CJA 2009 loss of control can…

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Issue with DR like in the case of Bryne the abnormality of the mind was not a medical condition
(confusion for the jury) so CJA now refers to it as `abnormality there are still restrictions of who can
use this defence because developmental immaturity is not included (so adult can…


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