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Common law (no statute) Coroners & Justice Act 2009 S2 Homicide Act 1957 Coroners & Justice Act 2009

Murder Voluntary manslaughter (loss of control) Voluntary manslaughter (diminished responsibility)

LAW03 Unit 3A Criminal Law [Fatal Offences]

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Actus reus: the unlawful killing of a living human being [unborn child S56 of CJA 2009 abolished the defence of provocation and [Same mens rea as murder]
cannot be murdered ­ Attorney Generals reference no 3 (1994)]. s54 and s55 introduced the new defence of loss of control. S52 CJA…

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Common law Common law

Gross negligence manslaughter (Constructive) unlawful act manslaughter

LAW03 Unit 3A Criminal Law [Fatal Offences]

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The offence is committed where the D owes a duty of The D causes the death of the victim as a result of an
care, breaches that duty in a grossly negligent way unlawful act.
thus causing the death of the victim. It can involve an
act or an omission…


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