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Chris Lee Geography

Key Terms
Challenge - A task or issue that is perceived as being provocative or
threatening to debate. The issues that arise from challenges often cause
alternative view to be expressed usually in a peaceful manner but some
issues may be extreme or polarised

Conflict- A…

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Chris Lee Geography

ideology and agenda to win elective office. Often involves debate for laws
for example the house of commons.
Terrorism - The systematic use of fear among the public as a way of
trying to force the authorities into action for a political or ideological end.
International terrorism…

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Chris Lee Geography

Many Jews migrated in the early 20th century to start and set up
new lives for themselves, often escaping persecution in Russia and
Mass migration occurred after the Second World War due to the
1/5 of Israel population are Arabs, they are descendents of the…

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Chris Lee Geography

The Palestinians feel the barrier restricts their land cutting through
their villages.
To try and create a better atmosphere some of the Palestinians
have been released.

The Gaza Strip

The Gaza strip is one of the occupied territories of the southwest of
Israel; it occupied 363km2 northeast…

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Chris Lee Geography


The Balkans

Why were the Balkan States important?
It allowed passage between Europe and the Middle East; this allowed
countries to be linked for purposes such as trade.

Why were they involved?

Russia Austria Turkish ottoman empireBalkan States
Wanted to assist Wanted to stop the The…

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Chris Lee Geography

·They attacked Turkey and within weeks the Ottoman Empire was in
·Tension grew when Montenegro gained territory, but, war was avoided
as no country wanted war
·Germany suggested that if Russia supported Serbia, Germany would
support Austria
·Conference of London, approved changes in the Balkans, Germany…

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Chris Lee Geography

Those people who want independence for Scotland have an economic
argument, an accountability argument and a cultural argument.

The economic argument used to be that Scotland should own the oil from
the wells off its shores and should enjoy the profits from its `own'
resources. However, the…


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