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FACT `fighting for survival'- Sandwich taking off like Clearly states what
4 `in a move that will save it £22 dramatic language an aeroplane ­ article is about
million a year' EMOTIVE LANGUAGE colourful, cartoon,
`BA lost £401 million last year' `sharp decline' playful, entertaining, Puns ­ `in hunger for
`on flights of less than two `casualties' relevant, draws reader savings', `Mile high
and a half hours' `There would've been a in grub'
`Simon Evans...said...' INFORMAL LANGUAGE Price list ­ quick, easy Alliteration ­ `scraps
`...a company insider `humble cheese sandwich' to read, what the sandwiches... for
admitted.' `had to be dumped' reader is really savings'
`A BA spokesman said...' interested in, shows
The writer gives a range of writer has done lots of
views. research and knows
what he's talking about
FACT COLLOQUIAL/ Relevant to article and Order/Instruction/
5 `A report from America INFORMAL LANGUAGE caption Command ­ `Ban
published this week...' `And I'm like, "duh!"...' Idealised countryside Vegetarianism now!'
`nine billion people who will `codswallop...' Could be seen as
living here by 2020' `You can just lay off it a bit.' contradictory to article Controversial
`It carries vitamins and `without cow muck to ­ shows a cute pig, who statement ­ gets
minerals' nourish the soil' you would not want to reader's interest -
OPINION `...all be able to scoff...' die ­ encourages `not just pale, boring,
`Vegetarianism is an eating HYPERBOLE vegetarianism vain and flaky.'
disorder' `where extremism is not
`Vegetarianism is a cry for called for' To the point
`Vegetarians never love food. `whose continued Tries to shock reader
They merely tolerate it.' existence is a baffling ­ `They are suffering
Opinion article mystery, like wasps or from an eating
television chefs' disorder.'
FACT RHETORICAL QUESTION hands holding coffee `Jack Sprat' ­
6 `the average trolley-pusher `Does that sentence thrill beans ­ shows the food children's rhyme
spends seven seconds' you?' is cared for about food and not
`We'd buy Fairtrade all the wasting anything
OPINION STATED AS FACT time, wouldn't we?' looks fresh
`And, clearly, food you care SIMPLE SENTENCES Repeated phrase ­ `It
about does taste better' `That's quite a bargain' tastes better'
`I've met those someones.'
`If I was asked to advise...' `trolley-pusher' `Why buy Fairtrade?'

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TRIAD Simple Statement ­
`fantastic, deep, shows clearly what
chocolatey flavour' the article is about
`Fairtrade tastes better'
FACT TRIADS Relevant to article Rhetorical Question ­
7 `£627m healthy-eating `burgers, chips and fizzy `who can?'
initiative' drinks' Children don't look
`as long ago as 1984' `jacket potatoes, fresh thrilled at the salad- Uses Jamie Oliver's
`Sixty per cent...' fruit and yoghurt.' shows writers point celebrity status to
`400,000 fewer children' SENSATIONALIST help make the article
`one in six children...…read more

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Not very relevant to
article-doesn't show
experiments etc.…read more


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