AQA English Language - Section A tips

Here are just some tips to help with the section A language exam. Please don't forget to rate!

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Section A ­ English Language Exam ­ AQA
Question 1
What do you learn...
1. Read through the text and annotate where you find what you learn.
2. Aim to write about 6 points in the text ­ state what they tell you about.
3. Start using the words from the question ­ In this text we learn...
4. Use the PEE formula ­ Make a Point, Give the Evidence (quote), then Explain what it tells you
using a different phrasing.
5. Make sure your 6 points are spread throughout the text and that they're not all in the first
Question 2
Linking the presentational devices to the text ­ eg. How do the layout features add to the
effectiveness of the text?
1. Use PEAK ­ Make a Point, give your evidence (quote), analyse the quote, keep referring
back to the question.
2. Read the whole text and then annotate the features of the pictures (colour, what is pictured,
close ups/distance shots)
3. Name the presentational features.
4. Refer to the features when writing and then try to link them to the text and the question eg.
The colours support the text as the bright colours match the mood of the text. This is
effective because...
5. Use FAP ­ Form, Audience, Purpose.
6. Work out who the intended audience is (try to be as specific as possible ­ women/men, age
group, intelligent, well educated ect.) and what the purpose of the text is (inform, persuade
ect) ­ refer back to why the images support the audience/purpose.
7. Try to make 4 links between the presentation device (headline, pictures, amount of text :
pictures, size of text) and the text itself.
Question 3
What are some of the thoughts and feelings...
1. Read through the text and annotate onto the text the thoughts and feelings portrayed.
2. Aim to get 4 thoughts and 4 feelings throughout the entire text ­ annotate what these are
eg. Feeling of happiness/joy/pride/hope/uncertainty/anticipation/ fear ect.
3. Refer to the opening, middle and ending of the text.
4. You can use either PEE or PEAK depending on your level of understanding.
Question 4

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Compare the ways in which writers use language effectively in the two texts...
1. It may seem obvious but make sure you compare the two texts.
2. Try to find 4 quotes from each text ­ 1 in each section (Title, opening, middle, ending).
3. Compare the devices used in each.
4. Name the features used and make sure they relate to language.…read more



A really good way of doing last min revision:)

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