AQA Paper 1 section A


GCSE English Language Paper 1

Written Paper – 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Section A

Reading Section: 1 hour

You will be asked questions on an UNSEEN (new to you) Media Texts. These could be newspaper articles, magazine articles, articles from the Web, front pages of newspapers or magazines, adverts etc. This is your opportunity to gain a lot of marks quickly, if you read the questions carefully and refer to the CORRECT item.

Please read the following notes to help you:

HEADLINES - How well do the headlines work in grabbing the readers attention? You need to consider the angle or point of view each headline implies to do this effectively.

FACT AND OPINION - What facts do you find which are common to both texts? Are there any things which ought to be facts which are different in each of the texts? Explore the amount of opinion compared to fact which each text contains.

ANGLE and use of EMOTIVE LANGUAGE What is the particular angle (point of view) which is given through the texts? (The angle may not be the same for each text.) Comment on the material each text has chosen in order to support the angle it has taken. Look carefully for emotive language and how this is used to emphasis the angle.PHOTOGRAPHS What photographs has each text used? Why have they been chosen to use with the text? How effectively do the photographs provide a meaning which fits the angle being taken in the text?

LAY-OUT - Comment on the overall design of the page, including…


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