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Osmosis only involves the movement of water molecules.

Osmosis The passage of water from a region where is has a higher
water potential to a region where is has a lower water

Cell-surface membranes and other plasma membranes such as those around organelles are
partially permeable.

Explanation of…

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Animal Cells and Osmosis

Animal cells contain a variety of solutes dissolved in their watery cytoplasm.

If a cell is placed in pure water it will absorb it by osmosis because it has a low water

Cell-surface membranes are very thin and, although they are flexible, they cannot stretch…

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Plant Cells and Osmosis
Like animal cells, plants also contain a variety of solutes, mainly dissolved in the water of the
large cell vacuole that each possesses.

When placed in pure water they also absorb water by osmosis because of their lower water

Unlike animal cells, however, they are…

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Solutions and Water Potential
Solute any substance that is dissolved in a solvent

Water potential is represented by the Greek letter psi

It is measured in units of pressure, usually kilopascals kPa.

Water potential is the pressure created by water molecules.

Water is said to have a water potential of…


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