AQA A2 ethics June 2011

This exam is June 2011 - contains topic 1 and 2

And briefly what to put in the questions. 

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1. Explain the concepts of the personality and moral self in Libertarianism. (30)
Youth in ghetto example
Moral self overrides personality ­Jesus example
Hick, Hume, J.S Mill
War and killing example
2. `In libertarianism there is no moral responsibility. Assess this view'. (20)
There isn't moral responsibility because we can use conscience and individuality as an excuse.
Desires and Hume- stealing shoes from luxury shop
Milgrim's 1963 experiment- ordinary people carrying out acts of cruelty and conscience can be
weak according to St Paul.
There is responsibility J.S Mill harm principle- example of 9/11 terrorists held morally
Law and order in society
3. Explain how one version of virtue ethics can be applied to an ethical issue of your choice.
Aristotle intro ­ defining people not actions contrast to utilitarianism.
Dudley and Stephens case of cannibalism
Prudence and cardinal/intellectual virtues
Resourcefulness/eudaimonia for community
Moral virtues courage and patience
Golden mean
Irrational soul
3 types of people in community
3 types of friendship
Aristotle said do what allows us to practice virtues ­ moral/habit ­ intellectual/instruction
4. Assess, with reference to your ethical issue the strengths and weaknesses of Virtue ethics.
Agent centred not act
Individualistic and relative (cannibalism is illegal in some countries not others)
MacIntyre virtues change and clarify over time ­ eg of Homeric virtues.
It's a selfish theory based on the opinion of a couple of people- should we really use this
for our lives?
Virtues are unclear and non calculative
Schaller ­ instrumental value, doesn't offer moral dilemma solutions
Foot- doesn't guarantee happiness.


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