Philosophy & ethics a2 past questions collection

Collection of past questions for A2 Edexcel religious studies up till 2013

1) Philosophy- Religious experience, Critiques of religious belief & religious language

2) Ethics - deontology, Natural moral law & virtue ethics

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Religious Experience

June 2013
a) Examine the evidence and reasons to support either belief in God based on religious
experience or an atheistic belief.

b) Discuss the view that the evidence and reasons are not conclusive to support the
belief selected in (i).

June 2012
a) Analyse the essential…

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June 2013
a) Examine the reasons for the view that religious language is meaningless.

b) Discuss the arguments used to refute the view that religious language
is meaningless.

June 2012
a) `Of what we cannot speak we must remain silent.' Examine this claim with reference
to two types/views of religious…

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June 2013
a) Analyse the strengths of either Deontology or Natural Moral Law.
b) Evaluate the view that the selected theory has ceased to be persuasive in
the modern world.

a) Examine the key ideas of virtue ethics.
b) To what extent have critiques of the link between…


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