Approaches - Cognitive Approach - Strengths and Limitations

strengths and limitations of the cognitive approach

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Cognitive approach ­ strengths and limitations
Black box ­ main concern is the study of mental processes ­ the contents of the `black box'
Scientific ­ regard mental processes as objective and measurable (e.g. memory)
Practical applications ­ cognitive therapies which involve, e.g. `reprogramming' styles of
thinking such as CBT
Mechanical ­ models are a mechanical way of looking at mental processes. In the same way,
computers are just machines
Abstract ­ models and concepts are theoretical and abstract, e.g. theories of memory may
lose sight of the `whole' person
Methods ­ the basis for much research is the laboratory experiment; difficult to generalise
to, e.g. how memory works in the `real' world (ecological validity)


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