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Information on the business, its problems & requirements can be found out in various ways e.g. personal interview,
collecting documents business currently uses, email, letter, phone interview, watching the business at work,
questionnaires etc.…read more

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Starting To Use The New System/Methods Of Implementation
Once it is ready to be used a decision has to be made on how to start using the new system:
Direct Changeover (also called Big Bang)
Completely stop using the old system one day and start using the new system only the next day. This is the least
popular & most risky method.…read more

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Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1.A company has a problem that they have analysed. Before the solution is implemented it must be designed.
Identify four things that need to be designed. [4]
(if the business needed to use a database to store their data, then they would have to design the layout of
the database, for example, the names of the fields and the field sizes of them.…read more

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Check the system gives the
required output.
Create the data and file structures.
Describe any validation required.
Draw diagrams to describe the
system processing.
Interview future users about their
Specify suitable hardware and
18. A cinema is to use a computer booking system. Part of the system will accept bookings for up to 6 seats. A table
of test data is drawn up to test this part of the system. Complete the table below. The first one has been done
for you.…read more

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A company installs a new computer system. At 9.00am on Monday the old system is switched off and the
new system is put into use.
a) What name is give to this method of changeover? [1]
b) State two problems that may arise as a result of using this method of changeover. [2]
25. A book shop is still using a card index system to store details of the books in stock. The shopkeeper wants to
replace it with a computerised system.…read more


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