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What we will learn in this presentation:
· The different Islamic teachings on the
value of animals
· How these teachings have been
applied to
Learning the use of animals in food,
medical testing and cosmetic testing
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Beliefs about animals
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In Islam, it is believed that Allah gave humans dominion
over all of His creation, making them khalifah, or stewards.
He (God) it is Who made you Most Muslims believe
vicegerents on earth. this means that Allah
made mankind
Surah 35:39 superior to animals.
Whilst some see this purely as a sign of status, others believe
it means that Allah gave mankind the responsibility of looking
after and caring for His creation.
How might these beliefs influence
a Muslim's view of animal testing?
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Animals as communities of God
Islam teaches that animals live in communities like humans.
For Muslims, this shows that animals and humans are all
creations of Allah and should be treated with respect.
All creatures are like a family
(Ayal) of God: and He loves
the most those who are the
most beneficent to His family.
Therefore, most Muslims believe that animals should be
cared for and not killed unnecessarily. Allah is believed to
reward charitable treatment of animals.
Can you find passages in the
Qur'an or Hadith that support this view?
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Islamic animal stories
Within Islam, there are many stories that comment on
how animals should be regarded and treated.
In one such story, a prophet burned
an entire ants' nest because one ant
stung him. This angered Allah:
...because one ant stung you, you
have burned a whole community
which glorified Me.
Another story involves a spider's actions during the hijra, the
Prophet Muhammad's migration to Madinah from Makkah.
Can you find out any information about this story?
How might a Muslim interpret it?
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