Year 8 Buddhism project

This is a piece of work that I did in year 8 on Buddhism. It covers the life of the Siddhartha from Prince to Buddha and a few of the aspects of Buddhism.

It is not a complete document, but it is a quick read, so if you have a few minutes and are studying Buddhism it may be helpful.

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Joanne Lucas ­ 8L1

Year 8 Buddhism Assessment

1) The name Buddha means 'Awakened one'

2) The life of Siddhartha from Prince to Buddha.

The Buddha was born in 560 BCE/BC in Lumbini which is situated in Southern Nepal.
When the young Prince Siddhartha was only a few days old…

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Joanne Lucas ­ 8L1

5) To become a Buddhist my life would have to change in these ways:

I would have to stop thinking about things to the extent that I normally do, because in
Buddhism there is a rule where you have to concentrate on ideally just one subject…

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Joanne Lucas ­ 8L1

people but it is only ranked as the sixth largest religion in the world with the first
religion being Christianity with 2.1 billion followers, the second is Islam with 1.5
billion followers, the third largest number of people are agnostic or atheists and fourth
and fifth…


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