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The Battle of Actium and the aftermath of civil war:
Source (inc. citation if possible) Quote Relevance
Cassius Dio 50.34 `[fire missiles] ignited the timbers and immediately Highlights the use of fire in the battle the penguin
started a blaze' translator says that Dio was the only source to mention…

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1st Constitutional Settlement ­ 28/7BC
Source (inc. citation if possible) Quote Relevance
Res Gestae 34 `And a golden shield was set up in the Julian Autobiographical Obituary which was edited post
Senatehouse ... because of my courage, clemency, Augustus' death
justice and piety' These quotes highlight that Augustus' powers and…

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Strabo, Geography `he divided the empire in two' Statement from a wealthy Greek with much knowledge
in this field
CD `Through this process the power both of the people and ANACHRONISTIC ­ there is no `monarchy'
... Senate who...transferred into the hands of established
Augustus, and it was this time…

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3rd Constitutional Settlement ­ 19BC
`Crucle' chair ­ magistrates chair between two consuls is erected. Augustus is given consul for life where he would be preceded by 12 lictors (like a consul) and allowed to sit
on that third crucle chair in the senate ­ this, as a result, pleases…

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Tacitus 3.56 `he then selected Marcus Agrippa to share this title with Agrippa's importance because he is a good leader,
him as colleague and, after his death, Tiberius Nero thus general and friend that Augustus has shared this position
insuring that there could be no doubt about his intended with…

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Fasti Capitolini Erased the details as to why Maurena was abdicated
from his consulship in 23BC
Paterculus 'Augustus's main political rival... arrested along with his Reasons because Augustus was his main political rival
accomplices and killed' and to ensure political safety in the future
Seneca the Younger, Clemency 1.9 While…

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Tacitus `seduced the soldiery with gifts, the people with corn `'
and everyone with the delights of peace'
Pliny, Natural Histories 33.30 `Augustus laid down the regulations for judicial Comments on the Equestrian order
panels...The title `equestrian' remained the prerogative
of those in the troop'
Suetonius `never wantonly invaded any…

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water fountain (own priest to look after it) to represent
the God's the `lares' invisible gods (genius). Augustus
creates his own cults of priests to protect the areas
where slaves would attend the areas
Ovid, Fasti 5 `Rome has a thousand...Lares now, and a leader's worship of the divine spirit…




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