Analysed Quotes for Emasculation on Soldiers in Regeneration

Basically i just took some quotes and analysed them :D hope they help <3

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22/6/12 Year 13 Homework ­ due in 27/6/12
Make a list of relevant quotations in Regeneration Chapters 1 ­ 7 and
comment on the significance .
Quotation Page ref Significance
`'neat little hole in his PG 33 Shows how the war also had a physical affect on the solidest, not only
shoulder. The boyhe making them feel emasculated emotionally but also physically.
couldn't have been more
than nineteenhad a little
hole too. Only his was
between the legs''
"I mean there was riding, PG 35 Sassoon describes his 3 personalities one wanting to ride, hunt etc, and
hunting, cricketing me, the other one was about love to poetry and music. Rivers asks him
and then there was about the third, but Sassoon quickly corrects himself he meant two
the...other side... that BUT by third person Sassoon was involuntarily suggesting his
was interested in poetry homosexuality ­ artistic ways of expression were seen as feminine, so
and music..." men had to find other means of expressing themselves, which could
also show the emasculation of some men who took comfort in music or
`'Men who broke down, PG 48 The men who broke down and felt as if they were unable to take it
or cried, or admitted to anymore were seen as weak, which could have an emotional
feeling fear, were sissies, emasculating effect on them, making them feel as fear of the war was
weaklings, failures'' something to be ashamed of.
"they have been trained Soldiers who were able to repress their emotional feelings were seen as
to identify emotional manly, whereas men who were unable to control their emotions were
repression as the essence seen as weak and looked down upon, once again creating emotional
of manliness" emasculation.
Anderson: `'it is possible PG 29 Being mentally ill is also seen as emasculating, soldiers who were seen
someone might find being as shellshocked or mentally ill from the war were not sympathised
locked up in a loony bin a with, showing the harsh realities these men had to deal with.
fairly emasculating
`'breakdown was nothing PG 48 Rivers is giving some comfort to his patients, showing them that
to be ashamed of, that emotions and breaking down are not a sign of weakness, challenging
horror and fear were the emasculating nature of the war.
inevitable responses to
the trauma of war and
where better
acknowledged than

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