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Robyn Moore
Similarities in war literature: Birdsong, Regeneration and Disabled
Birdsong and Disabled
Frequent use of colour and its connotations ­ red is used in Birdsong to represent the
conflicting themes of love and lust with blood and death, grey is used in Disabled to show
the sterilising and dehumanising effects of war, in contrast with the light blue that had
existed in the town before wartime which symbolizes peace and honesty, as well as
purple, or the loss of it, which signifies the loss…read more

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Robyn Moore
way, all of the soldiers in Birdsong cling to someone in the hope that they will ease the
pain ­ Firebrace and Shaw, Stephen and the prostitute, Stephen and Weir etc.
Birdsong and Regeneration
Resentment towards those in power, which is an integral part of the storyline in
Regeneration, as shown by Siegfried Sassoon's declaration.…read more

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Robyn Moore
Colour and light is also highly symbolic in Regeneration, as is the colour red in particular in
Birdsong. In this section, it is said that `the blue of the hospital uniform looked garish
against his skin.' Blue is used in Disabled to represent the past, a time of safety, peace,
tranquillity and steadiness.…read more



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