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Robyn Moore

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Robyn Moore

Similarities in war literature: Birdsong, Regeneration and Disabled

Birdsong and Disabled

Frequent use of colour and its connotations ­ red is used in Birdsong to represent the
conflicting themes of love and lust with blood and death, grey is used in Disabled to show
the sterilising and dehumanising…

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Robyn Moore

way, all of the soldiers in Birdsong cling to someone in the hope that they will ease the
pain ­ Firebrace and Shaw, Stephen and the prostitute, Stephen and Weir etc.

Birdsong and Regeneration

Resentment towards those in power, which is an integral part of the storyline in…

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Robyn Moore

Colour and light is also highly symbolic in Regeneration, as is the colour red in particular in
Birdsong. In this section, it is said that `the blue of the hospital uniform looked garish
against his skin.' Blue is used in Disabled to represent the past, a time of…




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