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hello;) these are some of the main quotes sheila uses and have a significant impact on the play and inspector calls x

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Shelia is a pretty, young, excited person who is pleased with life. She
has an ongoing rivalry with her mum and is quite a daddy's girl. Her
mother finds her rather irritating as Shelia wants to lead a modern
life. Shelia's mum critises the way she speaks as she uses slang like
`squiffy'. She shows signs or rebellion which may reflect the time of
women fighting for equality. Shelia wants to lead a modern life but at
the same time still wants to be her dads favourite.
"i should jolly well think not, Gerald. I'd hate you to know all about
port ­ like those purple faced old men" ­ This quote shows
Shelia as being quite brave in her relationship and she doesn't
want Gerald to take charge and end up like her father. At the
same time she also calls her father a "purple faced old man"
which he objects to, this could give the impression she is being
quite cheeky. This quotes shows she wants to be young, modern
and she is not interested in a traditional life.
"No, not yet, but then you don't know all about port ­ do you?" -
This is said to her dad, and again can be seen as quite cheeky
towards her father. Her father doesn't seem to mind as does
not say anything else about it. This quote shows she is not
afraid to speak her mind and doesn't mind the consequences.
"yes, go on mummy, you must drink to our health" ­ Here shelia
is telling her mother what to do. By saying `must' she is saying
that her mother MUST drink even though she doesn't usually.
This could give the impression Shelia can be quite pushy and
likes to be in charge while at the same time being a pretty,
excited innocent young girl.
"You're squiffy." ­ Here Shelias mum comments on this
expression by saying, "What an expression Shelia! Really the
things you girls pick up these days!", Shelia doesn't react to this
comment and instead insults her rather drunk brother. Shelia
wants to be a young, free woman and by using slang she may
feel that she can be that. She is not bothered by the things her
parents say to her about the way she speaks. She doesn't want
to end up like her mother.
"Go on Gerald, just you object!" ­ Here Shelia demonstrates her
playfulness. She pretends to seem angry and aggressive which
is said before she says the quote.

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