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  • An Inspector Calls quotes- Sheila Birling
    • 'She was a very pretty girl too... and that didn't make it any better'.
      • Sheila feels sympathy for Eva Smith because she was too pretty to die.
        • Shows Sheila's feminine qualities and female empowerment
          • Jealous tone, wants to look like Eva.
    • '... talked about building up a wall that's sure to be knocked flat'
      • Sheila comes across of having intelligent traits, she gets it from her father.
        • Covers up the guilt that has already been put on the family by fooling the inspector.
          • Distracts The Inspector, wants him to leave.
    • 'Oh- Gerald- you've got it- is it the one you wanted me to have?'
      • She likes it because he likes it
        • Has her own personality trait but wants to be like Gerald to impress him
          • The quote refers to the ring Gerald brought Sheila.
    • 'But these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people'.
      • Showing the Inspector and her father that the working girls have their own identity.
        • Defending the workers as they are the same gender.
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