American West: Daily Life of the Sioux

My notes for GCSE History: American West: The Daily Life of the Sioux.

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The Daily Life of the Sioux
Family Life
Task 1
1) What were the Sioux men and women's responsibilities?
Men were responsible for hunting, caring and use of horses
and protecting the rest of the band. The women however
were responsible for the tipi, preparing food, fetching
water, looking after children and making clothes.
2)Explain why Polygamy was seen as practical.
Polygamy was seen as practical because if the ratio of
women compared to men was high, then to make it fair
and give all women the chance to be married, men often
had more than one wife.
3) Why were children highly valued?
Children were highly valued because they were the future
of tribe and any skills they learn will help them become
better for the future of that particular band.
4) Catlin called the custom in Source 4 as cruel. How
would the Indians have justified it?
It is more important that a band survives and continues
rather than an individual, therefore the old people tend to
tell the rest of the tribe to go on without them as they often
become too week.
By James Robbins

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By James Robbins
Women are very important when it comes to the
tribes because they were responsible for a lot of
important things. They were responsible for the
birth, upbringing, raising and teaching of
children. Children were valued because they
were the future of the tribe. They were also in
charge of preparing food to feed the rest of tribe,
especially the men who do the physical work.…read more


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