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Alternative Dispute
Resolution...…read more

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What I need to know...
· Outline Civil Courts and appeal system
· Other forms of dispute resolution
­ Tribunals
­ Arbitration
­ Mediation
­ Negotiation
­ Conciliation
· Advantages and disadvantages of the civil courts
and other forms of dispute resolution, including
comparisons with each other…read more

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Civil courts
· Civil claims are actions taken by
individuals against another
· They deal mainly in the areas of
contract, tort, land, employment
and family law.
· Terminology and standard of
proof are different from in criminal…read more

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County court
· Court of first instance and an
inferior court
· 230 (approx) County courts in
England and Wales
· Governed by county courts act
· Presided over by circuit judges,
recorders or district judges…read more

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County court jurisdiction
· Contract and tort actions up to a value of
· Probate and land law cases, usually
involving repossession orders
· Equitable jurisdiction including trusts,
bankruptcy and tax
· Covers a specific locality (defendants must
live/work within the locality)
· Hears cases usually in open court but
some exceptions…read more

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Chancery division
· About 18 high court judges who assist
· Trial by single judge
· Mainly exercise equitable jurisdiction
such as contested probate matters,
trusts, mortgages, bankruptcy, tax,
company and partnership cases,
intellectual property and copyright
· Also includes special Companies…read more

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