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  • Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    • What is it?
      • It is an umbrella term for a number of methods which are an alternate to solving disputes through he civil court system.
    • Negotiation
      • Negotiation is simply a conversation between the two parties themselves without the use of lawyers. They come up with a quick, commercial resolution.
    • Mediation
      • Mediation is similar to negotiation, but it involves the appointment of an independent 3rd party.
        • He or she will work with both parties to achieve common ground and resolve the dispute.
    • Conciliation
      • Conciliation is similar to mediation. It involves an independent 3rd party, however the 3rd part is expected to be more proactive and will suggest grounds for the resolution.
    • Arbitration
      • It is the most formal of all 4 procedures. Parties will agree to the dispute being heard by an arbitrator. The agreement is written down contained with a contract caluse.




I do not own any of the content in here. These are simply my notes made during lectures. I would like to make a direct reference to my Law teacher: Henry Box for the originality of the notes :)

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