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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Negotiation
      • Parties enter a discussion
      • Through solicitors to attempt to settle dispute.
      • Extra help may be needed if parties wont talk.
    • Mediation
      • Neutral mediator
        • Keeps own views private
        • Neighbour disputes and business problems
    • Conciliation
      • Go between is pro active
        • Suggest solutions
    • Arbitration
      • Formal arrangement that binds the parties.
      • Neutral party decides the dispute
        • Decision binding with both parties
      • Scott v Avery
    • Examples
      • Divorce
        • Who gets what
      • Business disputes
        • Southamptonand Balfour Beatty
      • ACAS
        • Industrial disputes eg, strikes
      • ABTA
        • Holiday
    • Advantages
      • Cheaper than court
      • Convenient hearing
      • No publicity
      • Quicker and flexible
      • Choose own arbitrator eg, lawyer
    • Disadvantages
      • Unexpected legal points
        • If no lawyer is used as arbitrator
      • Professional can be expensive
      • Limited rights of appeal
      • Not always cheaper if lawyers are used


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A bright, visual and engaging mind map on ADR - great tool to use as a starting point to expand upon or as a self test exercise.

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