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Narrative (Plot/Summary)-
A description of the City of Camelot. It has a river
surrounded by fields. (`on either side of the river lie long
fields of barley and of rye'). There is a large grey building
with towers. (`To many tower'd Camelot')
A woman sits alone in a room. She is weaving a magic
web. She is cursed and isn't allowed to look out of the
window. She sits in front of a mirror and watches in it
reflections of what is happening outside the window.
(`there she weaves by night and day... A curse is on her if
she stay')
Sir Lancelot a handsome knight rides past, singing (`Of
bold Sir Lancelot... Tirra Lirra, by the river sang Sir
The Lady looks out of the window and the mirror cracks.
(`She left the web, she left the loom, she made three
paces thro the room, she saw...')…read more

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The Lady finds a boat and lies down it. (`in the
stormy east-wind straining...Down she came and
found a boat')
The lady sings as she floats down to Camelot and
dies. (`They heard her singing her last song')
In Camelot people gather to look at the Lady of
Shalott , Sir Lancelot looks at her face. (`Who is this?
And what is here?' `She has a lovely face; God in his
mercy lend her grace')
Lady of Shalott- lonely, isolated, naïve, `pretty face',
watches the world from the outside and doesn't
interact with life events
Sir Lancelot- powerful, bold, stereotypical hero,
positive in a negative situation…read more

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The castle of Camelot, The Isle of Shalott
There is a love theme, as the poem is said to be
based on an Italian Romance
Tragedy, she dies
Love and death…read more

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