agriculture in hot enviroments

info on oppertunites and challenges for agriculture as well as desertification and the 3 types of degradation

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Agriculture- desertification
Agricultural opportunities
Traditional agriculture based around nomadism
Oases provide irrigation e.g. Douz, Tunisia are able to produce dates,
olives, figs which also provides trade opportunities
Exogenous rivers (permanent rivers with the source outside the arid area
e.g. the Nile) fertile banks- Nile Aswan Dam provides irrigation water all
Hydroponics (growing plants without using soil in controlled conditions) able
to grow tomatoes, peppers etc. In greenhouses (due to modern irrigation,
fast transport and refrigeration)
The degradation of formerly productive land t the point where desert conditions
Factors forcing desertification- Agricultural challenges
Fragile soils, freshwater resources, vegetation and crops
Poverty- people are forced to overwork land to get as much out of it as
Non-sustainable farming practices and decline of sustainable oasis
agriculture e.g. nomadic herding
Low priority given to environment protection
Rapid population growth- more land needed to grow more food
Overuse of soil, water, vegetation resources
Climate change and climate fluctuations causing drought
Desertification fact file
According to UNESCO, desertification directly affects over 250 million
people and threatens the lives of 1.2 billion people in 110 countries
Most of those affected are poor and rely on farming for their livelihood.
1/3 of earth's land surface (over 4 billion hectares) is threatened by
In LEDC's total land area affected by desertification is between 6-12
million km2
Causes $42 billion to be lost in agricultural production worldwide each
Each year, 1.5-2.5 million hectares of irrigated land, 3.5-4 million hectares
of rain fed agricultural land and 35 million hectares of range land lost part
or all of its productivity.

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In Africa, 36 countries are affected by desertification and 75% of
Africa's farmland is rapidly losing basic nutrients needed to grow crops.…read more


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