reasons for low rainfall/hot temperatures in hot enviroments

mindmap covering the 4 main reasons for low rainfall in hot enviroments

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  • reasons for low rainfall in hot enviroments
    • continentality
      • land far from  sea recieves less moisture as moisture is evaporated by the time the wind carrying it reaches inland
    • rain shadow
      • minds coming inland carryin gmoisture are stopped by a mountain front and forced upwards, cooling and condensing the air forming rain
        • maing rain falls all on one side of the mountain laving only dry air to carry over onto the other side of the mountain, this side of the mountain is therefore dry as it never recieves rain
    • global circulation
      • deserts are right under the middle of a hadley cell
        • therefore they don't recieve any rain as any air that reaches then is dry and is warmed up and rises
      • air rises as it's warmed by the desert heat
        • air flows towards north so it cools and condenses
          • cool air then falls producing rain
            • the air then flows along th ground towards the equator, heating up and then rising again
    • cool ocean currents
      • ocean currents that run along the coastline, have cool air over them
        • this air travels inland and any moisture carried in it is imediately evaporated, creating coastal fog
          • this leaves only hot dry air to blow over the land


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