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Case study
Solutions to desertification in
Khushab, Pakistan- making
agriculture in hot environments more
sustainable…read more

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Location and background
· Northern Pakistan
· 400mm rain per year
· Max. Temperatures exceed 40oC (may-July)
· Late 1980's over irrigation causing water logging and
salinity problems.
· Crop yields fell, land abandoned leading to
unemployment and poverty for 8000 farming families…read more

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· Funded by world bank ($69 million) to reduce water
logging, and salinisation for 360km2 land.
· Land reclamation- increase agricultural production,
create jobs, raise farm incomes.
· Water logging/salinisation problems solved by
installing field drainage (pipes, surface water drains
and lining irrigation channels)
· Demonstration farms to educate farmers on
sustainable irrigation.…read more

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· Due to drainage- groundwater levels fallen, lowering
soil salinity and reducing water logging
Economic benefits:
· Income per capita increased from $46 (1989) to $195
(2005)- incomes now 34%above poverty line, without
this world bank estimates incomes would have
continued to fall to $30.
Improvements in land quality:
· Increased production of crops (wheat, rice, sugar
· Less damage to homes from subsidence…read more


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