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Additives…read more

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· 300+ listed additives
· 3000+ flavourings
· Keep foods safer for longer
· Stop oils and fats going rancid
· Add colour…read more

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Three Groups Of Additives
· Natural ­ made from natural products such
as paprika
· Nature Identical ­ made to the same
chemical formula as those extracted from
natural products
· Artificial ­ made entirely from chemicals…read more

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Additives have to be
strictly tested. An `e-
number' indicates that
the additive is deemed
safe by the EU…read more

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· Keep foods
for longer
Flavouring Antioxidant
s s
· Adds · Prolong
flavour shelf life
· Can be any · Stop
of the three Types rancidity
s e
· Less · Added to
needed make
because attractive
sweeter =
healthier Emulsifiers
· Allows fats
to mix with
water…read more


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