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1. Conventions:

There are many conventions that you would usually see in an action/adventure
movie. Not all of the conventions tend to be in all movies, but tend to be in the
majority of them.

Here are a list of examples of conventions that you would find in an

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Point of View shot - used to show the action from one of the character's
prospective. This would be commonly used as one of the many camera angles
for a chase scene.

Two shot - basically two people seen in one frame.

Long Shot - when the setting takes up…

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4. Sound:

In Action/Adventure movies, a mix of diegetic and non-diegetic sound is used to
accompany or emphasise the action.

During an action scene, music (normally orchestral) is usually played throughout,
which tends to be fast paced if in a chase scene. If anything significant happens,
the music would change…

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Mise-en-scene is basically anything that you see in the frame. This can be
anything from things that make the scene look more realistic to character
representation by the way they look and what they wear.

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator is a great example of a
conventional action hero.…


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