What is a Family Audience?

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If you are doing AQA Media Studies on June 13th then you would have been asked to think up the idea of an Action - Adventure film that is suitable for Family Audiences.

But what is a Family Audience?

British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) give films ratings that you have all heard of, these are U, PG, 12A/12, 15, 18 and R18. A family audiance would be U and PG although you may use 12A.

12A / 12? 12A is a certificate given to film that are usually only suitable for people age 12 or over but may go and see the film under the age of 12 if accomanied with an adult, but this is only in the cinema, 12A films in the cinema are published as a 12 when produced into a DVD / Video / Blu Ray.

So what do these certificates mean?

U -

  • Theme: Treatment of problematic themes must be sensitive and appropriate to a younger audience.
  • Language: Infrequent use only of very mild bad language.
  • Nudity: Occasional natural nudity, with no sexual context.
  • Sex: Mild sexual behaviour (e.g., kissing) and references only (e.g., to 'making love').
  • Violence: Mild violence only. Occasional mild threat or menace only.
  • Imitable techniques: No emphasis on realistic weapons.
  • Horror: Horror effects should be mild and brief and should take account of the presence of…


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