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Revision for my Media Studies exam from the quizes i have been revising from.

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  • Representation is the way the real world looks back at us.
  • Every Representation is Biased, both by what are included and left out, they reflect the ideas and Assumptions of the producers.
  • The Audience can also read the representation in a Biased way, depending on their own particular view.
  • Action-adventure films rely on stock (typical) characters. an example of what is not a stock action-adventure character. a nerdy boy who tries to win the heart of the beautiful girl next door.
  • stereotypes are simplified,  simple or basic views of groups of people.
  • Why are stereotypes used in films?
  • Heroes and villains tend to be stereotyped. Heroes tend to be resourceful, brave, determined and strong. Villains tend to be evil, cowardly, less intellagent and often foreign.
  • Villains are often foreign. in America films the foregnier is often British. since 9/11 villains have often tended to be Middle Eastern.
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