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Organic Chemistry Revision
Acyl Chlorides and Acid Anhydrides…read more

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· Name ­ oyl chloride and after the carboxylic
acid they are formed from + anhydride
· Acyl chlorides are much more susceptible to
nucleophilic attack because the chlorine and
oxygen are more electronegative than carbon
and are both bonded to the same carbon so
has a partial + charge…read more

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· Both react with:
- Water Carboxylic acids
· Alcohols Esters
· Ammonia Amides
· Primary Amines N ­ substituted amides
· The reaction with acid anhydrides make
carboxylic acids
· The reactions with acyl chlorides make HCl
· The reactions are Nucleophilic addition
elimination…read more

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Mechanism…read more

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Mechanism…read more

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Mechanism…read more

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