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Section A ­ getting to know the region
Moray and Aberdeenshire are located in Scotland, north east of the
uk. Only 25 % of the population live in urban areas. It is a very rural
place because there are few transport links with few motorways to
the rest of the…

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Section b : the issues
The fishing industry has declined and this has been one of the main
sources of income. The causes of a decline in fishing:

Overfishing many years of fishing for mackerel and herring in the
North Sea has resulted in few fish left, and this has…

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Primary employment traditional work is primary eg farming
and fishing, the land is high quality farmland.

Secondary employment food processing is the biggest
manufacturing industry

The whisky industry the whisky has been declining recently;
because people aged 18-30 prefer vodka. The over 45's now
enjoy wine and liqueurs, now there…

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There is a range of older properties in fishing villages which are
attractive for tourists.

Former fishing warehouses could be converted for retail, holiday
lets or office spaces.

Better availability of rural broadband would help make the
remoteness of the region less of a problem for local businesses.

Quality of…


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