A speech on why the US should leave the vietnam

This speech will tell you why the USA should leave Vietnam

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Speech" The US should leave South Vietnam"
After I finish my tour at Vietnam, I will certainly be joining the anti war protest. I
will never forget what I saw in my tour, I will never forget what happened in my tour.
Friends were killed, many more were injured. Just one second we were chatting
about home and the next thing there was a hole in my friend's chest. One day ago we
were just sleeping in the same camp, the next day I was alone, that feeling I will
never forget, the feeling of me being left alone. Not just I felt the pain, many and
many others soldier felt the same, this should not be what they get, they should be
having a happy life in the United states and have a nice job and a nice family and
children. They should not be in Vietnam, they should be holding a gun and fight, they
should not be in this war. They should not be killing people. They should not be
seeing their friend die. Just one sentence from Truman than many people dies. Does
it worth it? Does it worth many American solider to fight and die for a better country
in the other part of the world? Does it worth us fighting for a tiny tiny little country
in Asia? Does it worth us spending our money for a tiny country in Asia? What are
we fighting for? What good do we gain? Many many dead people? What else do we
The morale of the American soldiers was high at the start of the war, they were well
trained and they believe that they were fighting for the freedom of Vietnam. But does
it do anything good to the USA if Vietnam has it freedom? Is just a tiny country. As
the fight continue, the amount of deaths increases and more ordinary people, mostly
the blacks were selected for military service which they must go to, even if it was
against their will. But would those people will really fight well? What they doing is
against their will. Wouldn't they just fight using their 50% effort and would disobey
their commander?
Many soldier began to question what they were in Vietnam and what they were
fighting for and would they actually win the war. The soldiers that were directly
involved in the fighting realized that the war was going badly and lost confidence in
their officers and many of them tried to leave the army. If the our soldier want to
leave and do not want to fight, why don't we just leave Vietnam? No one will give
their 100% of effort fighting in the war? What is the point of fighting if that
As the morale of the our army fighting troops fell and the boredom of those people
not directly involved increased, so as a result the amounting of people taking drugs
increased. Many drugs can be sold everywhere in South Vietnam and they were quite
cheap. Marijuana was the most popular. We smoke it in our bases camps during

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Cocaine and heroin were
also used. The troops used amphetamines to keep themselves awake during night
patrols. This was such a big bad problem that 20,000 were treated for drug abuse.
Drugs seriously reduced the efficiency of our man.…read more

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So to save more US soldiers
life we should just get out of Vietnam and be like USSR and supply the South
Vietnam weapons to fight but not fight themselves.
There was protest movement against the Vietnam war in all around United states of
America, this was sometimes called the peace movement, which began after the war
started. There was millions of people involved in this protest. The first protest
against the US involvement in Vietnam took place in New York in 1963.…read more

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