Did the American government renege on their responsibilities for the children of GIs and Vietnamese women?

Conference paper

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Introduction (Slide 2)

  • Richard Nixon's quote on the Vietnam War
  • American government failed to fulfil its moral obligation to Amerasians
  • Opinion has been challenged by the US Department of Defence
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Vietnam War (Slide 3)

  • Events during the Vietnam war led to the desertation of 60,000 Amerasian children
  • Many Vietnamese women found jobs in bars, ***** clubs and brothels
  • The immoral behaviour of GIs caused dissent in American society
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Department of Defence (Slide 4)

  • Widespread belief that most Amerasian children were the result of prostitution
  • DeBonis survey; 81% lived with American father, 78% had positive regard
  • GIs were aware they had a child, engaged in long-term relationships
  • DOD document; government not accountable due to measures enforced
  • Less than 0.5% of orphans are Vietnamese-American
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Operation Babylift (Slide 5)

  • Evacuation for 7,000 orphans, supported with $2 million
  • Attend US schools, learn perfect English, assimilate into American culture
  • Theory of American cultural imperialism
  • Some children got onto the flight due to family members connections and gold
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Life in Vietnam (Slide 6)

  • DOD statement; no considerable attempt to held them until 1987
  • Many Amerasians were abandoned by their parents
  • Reminder of the U.S. ugly role in the war
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Homecoming Act (Slide 7)

  • 1980's legislation was inadequate; immigrate alone, difficult to qualify
  • Journalistic accounts brought home the stories of these unfortunate children
  • Homecoming Act; U.S. recognised that Amerasians were citizens of America
  • Corruption and fraud; governments decision to determine eligibility by face
  • Should have taken responsibility for them sooner
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Life in the US (Slide 8)

  • Lihn Phan took advantage; BCC, employment as caseworker, he was lucky
  • Often migrated to the US with high expectations, Alan Hoa
  • Privacy programme prevented info being released without permission from father
  • No more than 3% of Amerasians in America have found their fathers
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Conclusion (Slide 9)

  • Amerasians were faced with prejudice and discrimination during integral years
  • Americas involvement in the war is the reason for their existence
  • Largely inadequate measures; corruption and fraud left Amerasians dissatisfied
  • Unable to enjoy paternal love, equality and prosperity
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Samuel Richardson


i love it, but why is the 'introduction' slide 2?

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