A fun, visual background of Freud

a presentation my friend and i did last year for key skills - literally a background on freud. just a little something that's quite light-hearted but also quite long and hopefully will just deepen your previous understanding of this crazy man :]

i watched it a minute ago and went "what the hell..?" so could be fun ;] one of those things you should watch when taking a 5 minute break - honestly, i wouldn't say it's very useful!

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above is sigmund freud, famous for his work in psychiatric medicine and notions of
identity, memory, childhood, sexuality and meaning.…read more

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freud was very
interested in the human
mind and how it shapes
our personalities and
he believed that the
mind had the biggest
influence on one person'
s actions.…read more

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freud believed that the
mind was made up of
three components or
sections.…read more

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the conscious mind
being responsible for:
·everyday actions
the pre-conscious thoughts
mind being conscious
responsible for:
·storing recent
·storing past events pre-conscious
and the unconscious knowledge
mind being
responsible for: fears
·storing all violent motives
unacceptable sexual desires
experiences ­ unconscious
shameful experiences
especially those of an immoral urges
unpleasant nature. selfish needs
irrational wishes…read more

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he believed that
the unconscious
mind exerts
conscious most influence
onto our
pre-conscious patterns. in fact,
stored all of the
answers, he
said, lie in this
violent motives hidden,
unacceptable sexual desires
unconscious inaccessible 4/5'
shameful experiences
immoral urges
selfish needs
s of the mind.
irrational wishes…read more

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Preview of page 7

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