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Latifah Davis-Cole

Marxist Theories
Traditional Marxism:

Traditional Marxist sees society divided into two classes. Ruling capitalist class
(bourgeoisie) ­ who own the means of production.
The working class (proletariat) who are propertyless and are alienated by the ruling
class to produce profit.
Explain crime in three main elements: Criminogenic capitalism;…

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Latifah Davis-Cole

treated a criminal offence. ­ The criminal justice system takes more forgiving view
towards higher class crimes.

Ideological Function of Crime and Law

o Laws are occasionally passed that appear to be for the benefit of the w/class rather
than capitalism. E.g. Workplace health and safety laws

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Latifah Davis-Cole


Taylor et al argues that traditional Marxism is deterministic
They reject theories that claim crime is caused by external factors such as anomie,
subcultures of labelling
Taylor takes on a more voluntaristic view (idea that we have free will)
They see crime as a meaningful action and…


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