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  • Marxist Theories
    • Criminogenic Capitalism
      • Capitalism by its very nature causes crime.
      • Capitalism is based on the exploitation of the working class, using them as a means of profit.
        • This means that it is particularly damaging on the working class and may cause rises in crime.
          • Poverty may mean that crime is the only way the working class can survive.
          • Crime may be the only way they can obtain the consumer goods encouraged by capitalist advertising.
          • Alienation and lack of control over their lives may lead to frustration and aggression.
        • However crime is not just confined to the working class, because of the competitive of a capitalist environment white collar crime is also commonly committed.
    • The state and law making.
      • Marxists see law making and enforcement as in favor of the ruling class.
        • Chambliss illustrates this in terms of housing laws.
        • Ruling class also have the power to prevent the introduction of laws that would threaten there interests.
        • Selective Enforcement.
          • Marxists argue that although all classes commit crime, when it comes to the application of the law by the criminal justice system, there is selective enforcement.
            • Whilst powerless groups such as the working class and ethnic minorities are criminalised, the police and justice system tends to ignore the laws of the ruling class.
    • Ideological functions of crime and law
      • The law, crime and criminals perform an ideological function for capitalism.
        • Laws are occasionally passed that appear to be for the benefit for capitalism.
          • Such as workplace health and safety laws.
          • Because the state enforces the law selectively, crime appears to be a working class phenomenon. People blame criminals rather then capitalism.
    • Evaluation for traditional Marxism.
      • Marxism shows the links between law making and enforcement and the interests of capitalism.
      • Criticisms
        • It largely ignores the relationship between crime and important non-class inequalities such as ethnicity and gender.
        • It is to deterministic and over predicts the amount the amount of crime in the working class, not all poor people commit crime despite pressures of poverty.
        • The criminals justice system does sometimes act against the interests of capitalist class.
        • Left realists Marxists focus to much on crimes of the powerful and dont think about the victims of burglarys and and violent crimes.


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