A2 Psychology AQA A Schizophrenia Classification and diagnosis revision sheet :)

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Classification and diagnosis of Schizophrenia
Issues of reliability:
Inter-rater reliability
Carson 1991
Claimed the DSM had fixed the problem of IRR
Psychologists now had a reliable classificiation system
Evaluation of IRR
Whaley 2001
Found IRR scores as low as +11
Identifies lack of reliability due to such a low score
Rosenhan's study
21% detection rate, when he sent no patients!
Mojitabi & Nicholson 1995-Unreliable symptoms
Distinguishing between bizarre and non-bizarre delusions
IRR of only +40
So this lacks sufficient reliability for it to be a reliable method of diagnosing
Cheniaux 2009
IRR according to DSM & ICD
IRR was above +10 but according to ICD not DSM
So lacks validity as not measuring the DSM as first claimed and reliability as it
shows the DSM cannot provide a reliable criteria.
Test-retest reliability
Wilks et al 2003
Administered 2 alternate forms of the RBANS test over 1-134 days
The result was high at a TRT score of 84
Evaluation of TRT
Prescott 1986
Measured attention and information processing in 14 schizophrenics
Performance was stable over 6 months
Issues of Validity:
The extent to which two or more conditions occur at the same time
Buckley et al 2009
Estimated that comorbidity occurs in 50% of patients & 47% of patients have a
lifetime diagnosis of substance abuse
Evaluation of Comorbidity-
Weber et al 2009- Comorbidity and medical complications
Found evidence of many comorbid non-psychiatric diagnoses.
Patients diagnosed with primary schizophrenia also had a medical condition.

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As a consequence of being diagnosed with schizophrenia is that patients tend to
receive poorer medical care
This in turn affects their prognosis.…read more


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