A2 OCR PE rational/popular recreation comparison

visuals comparing the rational recreation with popular recreation

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Emily Summers
Popular Recreation Compared With Rational Recreation
Popular Recreation Rational Recreation
Characteristic Characteristic
Explanation Explanation
Local Lack of transport and Regional, national, Improved transport
communications international
Unwritten, simple Illiteracy, no NGB's, Codification, Business and
rules local play only administration administration skills of
ex public school boys
Cruel/violent Reflected 18th century Respectable/Fair Middle class influence
life, where public Play and public school
hangings were influence from amateur
entertainment gentleman
Occasional Limited spare time only Regular Increased free time and
on Holy Days improved transport
Courtly/popular Two class society, Exclusive/elitist Social class and
feudal gender discrimination
Rural Pre industrial revolution, Urban/sub urban Industrial revolution
agricultural Britain
Wagering Working class rags to Control on wagering Increase in law and
riches order (police force)
Upper class show off
Natural/simple Limited technology, lack Purpose built Technological advances
of purpose built facilities facilities
and wealth for the

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