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Cold War Key Dates
1945 Potsdam + Yalta Conferences
Harry S Truman
1946 Kennan's Long Telegram
Churchill's `Iron Curtain' Speech
1947 Truman Doctrine
Marshall Plan
Cominform established
1948 Czech Crisis
Berlin Blockade (till early 1949)
1949 China declares Communist
USSR create their first Nuclear Bomb
Comecon established
1950 NSC-68

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Gorbachev ends the Brezhnev Doctrine
1989 George Bush
Non-Communist group elected in Poland
Romania protests overthrow Ceausescu
Hungary opens its borders
Berlin Wall collapses
1990 German Reunification was formally completed
1991 START Treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Talks)
Communist Party in USSR collapses ­ End of the Cold War

USA Presidents…


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