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Assess the reasons why, despite Japan's high levels of technology and wealth the
impacts of the tectonic events of the 11th March 2011 were catastrophic.

A catastrophic disaster could be described as a "high-profile, large-scale incident that
threatens the lives of many people, creates tremendous damage, and poses significant

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people to evacuate, however the magnitude and the speed was just too great for many of
the more vulnerable. Senior citizens and very young children tend to be less mobile and
therefore less able to respond quickly in an evacuation. 40% of Japan's coastline had 12
metre sea walls from…

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built in the 1960's were built to
withstand a 7.9 magnitude earthquake
and are protected by a 6m high sea wall.
However the waves at the plant were 7
and a half metres high and therefore
overtopped the sea wall, they simply
weren't expecting a disaster at this scale


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