Geography Earthquakes- Japan

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  • Japan Earthquake
    • Tectonic Setting
      • Experiences 400 earthquakes a day
      • Vast amount of seismic energy
      • Brings the risk of tsunamis
      • Pacific coastline is venerable due to high population density
    • The great East Japan Tohoku earthquake
      • 11th March 2011
      • Largest earthquake in Japan
      • A 9.0 Magnitude
      • undersea megathrust earthquake
      • Large tsunamis were triggered
    • Social Impacts
      • claimed nearly 16,000 lives
      • injured 6,000
      • 2/3 were over the age of 60
      • most deaths were burns and being crushed by buildings
      • Mass burial in graves
      • 100,000 children were affected with 2000 orphaned
    • Economic Impacts
      • The cost with reconstruction is at £181 billion
      • 45,700 buildings were destroyed with 143,300 damaged and 230,000 vehicles
      • 4.4 million households lost power
      • 30km evacuation zone was set out by the nuclear station
      • Transport infrastructure was badly hit with trains disrupted and stations swept away
    • Political impacts
      • The Japanese government injected billions of yen into the economy to bring some stability
      • A large popular movement against nuclear power development
      • Concerns over safety regulations and standards
      • Political fallout from the Fukushima nuclear accident spread around the world.


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