2.4.9 The Sliding Filament Model Notes

Just some notes on ATP and some images of the sliding filament model and cycle of contraction

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Emily Summers
When the myosin group attaches to the actin binding site it will bend and the molecules are at
optimum stability, energy from ATP Is needed to brake the crossbridge and reset the myosin
head forwards so it can reattach to another binding site along the actin molecule and bend
Because there is only adequate supply of ATP stored in muscle fibre for 12 seconds of
muscular contraction ATP must be generated at the same rate of consumption.
Aerobic Respiration In muscle cell mitochondria, rate of which
depends on oxygen supply to muscles and
respiratory substrate
Anaerobic Respiration Quick process but produces lactic acid toxic.
It enters blood and this stimulates blood supply
to muscles.
Creatine Phosphate transfer from Phosphate group transferred to ADP to form
sarcoplasm ATP quickly by the enzyme creatine
phosphotransferase, which can support
further contraction for 24 seconds


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