Sliding filament model

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  • sliding filament model
    • myofibrils
      • contain bundles of thick and thin filaments.
      • thick filaments are made of myosin
      • thin filaments are made of actin
      • actin and myosin are both proteins
      • made of many short units called sarcomeres
        • end of sarcomere is marked with Z line
        • middle is marked with an M line
        • the area surrounding the M line is the H zone
        • the H zone only contains myosin fillaments
        • where the thin fillaments overlap the thick filament  its called the A band
        • light bands only containing actin is I band
    • sliding action
      • 1: CA2+ from depolarisation binds to troponin
      • 2: this pulls tropmyosin out of the binding site, allowing actin-myosis cross-bridges to form
      • 3: CA2+ activates ATPase break down
      • 4: ATP then provides energy to break cross bridge
      • 5: ATP moves myosin head to the side, pulling actin filaments along
    • in contraction
      • A bands stay same length
      • i band gets shorter
      • H zone gets shorter


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