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Animal Responses Revision Notes

The Brain

Cerebrum ­ Logical thought, decision-making, vision. Made of 2 hemispheres
connected by the Corpus Callosum

Cerebellum ­ Coordinates skeletal muscle contraction. Balance and

Medulla Oblongata ­ Involuntary processes; breathing rate and heart rate.

Meninges ­ Secrete cerebro-spinal fluid, which acts as a shock…

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Vasoconstriction and decreased peristalsis, diverting blood flow to the
skeletal muscles.
Glycogen is converted to Glucose
Smooth muscle in walls of bronchioles relaxes ­ deeper breathing
Noradrenaline = neurotransmitter

Parasympathetic Nervous System ­ Rest and Digest response
Heart rate slows
Radial muscles relax ­ Pupils constrict
Axons of the neurones…

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4. ATP Hydrolysed, and energy used to break cross bridges. Myosin heads
return to original position.
5. Repeated for as long as there is a ready supply of ATP, and troponin
and tropomyosin are no longer covering the binding sites on the actin

Events at a Neuromuscular Junction:



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