1.1.3 Preventing Blood Loss

OCR specifiaction based notes for AS Human Biology

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1.1.3 Preventing Blood Loss
(a) First Aid Treatment
Reassure them. Lie them down and look carefully at the wound. Check for foreign bodies
but do not remove them. Place wading around it to hold it in place.
If the wound is an arm or leg raise it above heart level. If the blood soaks through padding
apply more on top, but do not remove the bottom ones.
(b) Blood Clotting
(c) Enzyme Shape
An enzyme is a globular protein with an active site.
(d) Uses of Enzymes
An enzyme has the ability to reduce the activation energy of a reaction. This means
reactions can occur at body temp and atmospheric temperature. They are able to do this
because they have a very specific 3D shape with an active site. They are exactly the right
shape for a specific substrate.
(e) Rates of Enzyme Catalysed reactions


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