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Hi there it's Rena here this is just a mind map i have made for revision purposes so i hope it helps! it on the products of blood after a donation for the ocr spec human biology.

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  • Blood products
    • whole blood
      • contains everything usually found in blood
        • erythrocytes, leucocytes, platelets and plasma
          • rarely used because the leucocytes make an immune responseto the transfusion far more likely
            • can be used in severe cases of blood loss
    • leuco-depleted blood
      • blood that has had as many leucocytes removed as possible
        • removing these make immune responses less likely
          • this is important for patients having repeated transfusions to prevent their lymphocytes from making antibodies to the blood cells in the transfusion (which would make future transfusions difficult
    • Packed red cells
      • erythrocytes are separated from the rest of the blood and stored
        • when needed they are diluted in a sugar and salt solution
          • used iin many  types of transfusions to include tratment for anameia + replacing blood after childbirth
    • Platelets
      • Used for people with bone marrow failure
        • also used following transplant s, chemotherapy, and leukemia treatment
    • clotting factors
      • Plasma processed to provide clotting factors (soluble proteins that aid blood clotting.
        • used in conditions where blood clotting is slow due to a condition e.g haemophilia
    • PLASMA
      • Blood with cells removed
        • fresh frozen plasma used during cardiac surgery to reverse anti-coagulant treatment
          • blood loss in childbirth
          • used to replace clotting factors after major transfusion
          • or in liver disease where sufficent clotting factors are not being produced


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