Wind power in Denmark


Wind power in Denmark


  • Reduction in Greenhouse gases- wind engery doesnt contribute to greenhouse gases. Its a clean energy
  • Sustainable method in producing power- Wind power provides 20% of danish power. Danish government to increase to cover >50% of electricity consumption by 2025. It will come from off shore.
  • Reduced dependence on imported fuel- every MW of electricity produced by wind is less to be imported.Will help give Denmark its security for supply.
  • Electric vehicles- Energy companies with " Project Better Place aim to establish a car charging grid in Denmark.
  • Advantage- 1 2mMW wind turbine will provide enough electricty to run 3000 cars.
  • Owners will charge car at night when there is excess power.


  • Harm caused to marine wildlife- seals & propoises may be affected during construction & operation. Seabed may be damaged but it 45km away. At about 100m high & aout 14km from land they'll be visible. Shoreline closest to it made up of tourist beaches. May reduce earnings in tourism.
  • Other fuel sources needed- Denakr uses a range of reliable sources- biomass,solar,geothermal turbines powered by underground steam.
  • However gas and oil remain big in the electricity production. In N Sea Denmark has 19 oil fields, 69,000 are imported 263,000 are exported.
  • Cost of producing- Horns Rev powers 150,000 private homes- 2% of Denmarks total energy consumption. HR cost £245 million to build. Denmark makes 40% of the WW turbines- big business for the country.


Denmark has both has advantages and disadvantages to its wind energy. 


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